Walkeez Full Terms and Conditions of Service

2.   Cancellations and Holidays

2.1 In the event that a Client wishes to cancel a booked service, Walkeez reserves the right to apply the following cancellation charges:

  • More than 7 days notice of cancellation – loss of non-refundable deposit.
  • Between 24 hours and 7 days notice of cancellation – 50% of the fees for the period cancelled.
  • Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation – 100% of the fees for the period cancelled

2.2 In the event that Walkeez needs to cancel a booked service, or is unable to provide a service we will:

Arrange alternative services to a value and quality that would have otherwise been provided, or

  • Refund in full, any fees paid for the service.
  • In either case, Walkeez will provide at least 24 hours notice to The Client, except for in the event of a sudden, unforeseen event or emergency, when notice will be provided as soon as it is reasonably possible.
  • Walkeez recommends that Clients always have an emergency back-up plan for their pet’s care.

2.3 Both Walkeez and The Client may terminate an ongoing service agreement by providing 14 days notice in writing. The Client is responsible for full payment of all fees, expenses and charges incurred by Walkeez up to the date of termination.

2.4 Walkeez will provide Clients with at least six weeks notice of any planned holidays.

2.5 Walkeez are happy to retain Clients’ booked spaces free of charge for up to two weeks at a time. Holidays longer than two weeks will require a retainer of 50% for each extra week until normal service resumes

3. Updates

3.1 It is The Client’s responsibility to inform Walkeez immediately of any changes in their contact details, their pet’s care needs, the emergency contact details or any other pertinent information.

3.2  The Client agrees to accept any decision made by Walkeez on behalf of the Client in the event of The Pet Carer being unable to contact the Client as a result of wrong information held. If Walkeez is subjected to any expenditure as a result of The Pet Carer’s decision, that expenditure shall be recoverable from The Client.

4.   Aggressive Animals

4.1   Walkeez will not provide care for any aggressive animal.

4.2  The Client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including but not limited to medical care, legal fees, etc) if The Client’s pet(s) should bite another animal.

4.3  If The Client’s dog shows aggressive tendencies towards The Pet Carer or their family whilst being walked, or its behaviour becomes unacceptable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, The Client agrees that the service is terminated with immediate effect and the pet is to be returned to the location where it was collected.

4.4 The Client agrees to confirm at the time of booking that their pet has not shown aggression or caused harm, or displayed threatening behaviour to any individual and/or any other pet(s). The client agrees to contact the provider as soon as possible if any behavioural change presents itself or if they feel the animal has the potential to cause harm to any individual or other pet(s).

4.5 All Dogs will be walked on leads unless the Off Lead Permission Form has been completed and signed by The Client. In addition, dogs must have reliable recall to be walked off-lead.

4.6 We will not walk unruly or untrained dogs.

5.   Extreme Weather Conditions

5.1   In the event of extreme weather which may have an adverse effect on your pet such as excessive heat or thunder storms, it shall be The Pet Carer’s sole discretion to take whatever action is considered necessary to ensure the safety and well being of your pet/s. The Client will be kept informed of any occasions where changes to the agreed service occur due to extreme weather.

6.   Necessities

6.1   Walkeez will provide bags and properly dispose of your dog(s) waste whilst out walking with them. For Pet Pop-in visits, The Client shall ensure there is an appropriate supply of bags for disposal of animal waste, and indicate their preferred method/location of disposal.

6.2  The Client shall provide sufficient food, cat litter, treats and any other necessary items for their pet(s) well-being for the duration of the service.

6.3   In the event that additional items need to be purchased in the absence of The Client, such as pet food, litter, cleaning supplies or other necessary items that contribute to the health and well-being of your pet, The Pet Carer will purchase these, retain a receipt and The Client will be responsible for reimbursement of these items on their return.

6.4  The Client shall provide secure collars with name/address tags and leads. In order to comply with the law, Walkeez will attach a temporary identification tag to your dog’s collar displaying our own contact details in the event of no tag being present.

7.   House cleanliness

7.1   The Pet Carer will clean up after your pets to the best of their ability with the cleaning materials available. Walkeez is not responsible for any carpet/ flooring stains resulting from cleaning up after The Client’s pet(s).

7.2  The Client will ensure that The Pet Carer knows the location of appropriate cleaning materials, such as plastic bags, gloves, towels, disinfectant, paper towels and bin bags, to facilitate the cleaning up of any ‘pet related accidents’ within their property.

7.3  Walkeez may charge for cleaning where the time or number of occurrences exceeds what would be considered acceptable.

8. Household Emergencies

8.1 In the event of a household emergency, The Client’s emergency contact will be contacted to arrange any remedial work.

9.   Health and Medicines

9.1   It shall be the sole responsibility of The Client to ensure Walkeez is fully aware of any relevant health or behaviour issues the pet is currently experiencing, or has suffered in the past. Walkeez cannot be held liable for any problems or complications arising from any undisclosed health or behaviour problems.

9.2  No booking can be accepted without a completed Veterinary Release Form

9.3  Walkeez will follow instructions to administer medications as directed but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result.

9.4 Under no circumstances will Walkeez service any pet that has any form of active contagious illness.  In the event of a pet having a contagious illness or disease which has not been disclosed, The Client may be liable for the costs of treatment given to other animals which become infected.

9.5  Prescribed medicines may be administered to animals on behalf of The Client at the sole discretion of The Pet Carer. Written consent and full written instructions for administering the medicine must be provided.

9.6 We require a copy of a valid vaccination certificate for group dog walks.

9.7 If the Pet Carer is bitten or exposed to any disease or ailment received from the clients pet(s) which has not been properly or currently vaccinated, the client will be responsible for all costs and damages that may be incurred as a result.

10. Fences and cat flaps

10.1 Walkeez does not accept any responsibility or liability for any animals that escape or become lost or injured or killed when they have access to an unlocked cat flap or when instructed by The Client to leave the animals in an outdoor fenced area.

11. Keys

11.1 Walkeez prefers to obtain a key to your house during the in-home consultation. The key will be used to access your home during the service period and at no other time unless requested by the client. Walkeez recommends that your emergency contact also has a key in the event of lockout.

11.2  For one-off bookings, all keys will be returned to The Client in person upon completion of the service. If you are likely to require our services on a regular basis, it is recommended that Walkeez retain your key for the convenience of both parties.

11.3 When not in use by The Pet Carer, your keys will be kept in a secured locked system and are coded for your protection.

12. Privacy

12.1 Walkeez shall not use or pass to a third party any information regarding the Client, other than information needed by The Pet Carer to perform their duties.

12.2 All information relating to the client, their property and pet(s) will be stored securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

13. Insurance

13.1 Walkeez holds and maintains Public Liability Insurance for the peace of mind of its clients.

13.2 The insurance covers The Pet Carer for the services agreed at the time of booking, during the times or periods specified in the booking confirmation.

13.3 It shall be the sole responsibility of The Client to ensure their property, its contents and pets are adequately insured throughout the duration of the Scheduled Services.

13.4 You are advised to check to see if your insurance provider needs informing that someone will have access to your property whilst you are away.

14. Third Party Access to the Home

14.1  Walkeez does not accept liability for other persons who will be in your home prior to, during or immediately after our services have been rendered.

14.2 The Client shall advise Walkeez at the time of booking about other parties who will have access to their property during The Client’s absence. This includes but is not limited to, cleaning services, maintenance personnel, friends, family and neighbours.

14.3 It is understood that The Client will notify anyone with access to the home that the services of a Pet Service Provider have been engaged.

15. Carer’s Companion

15.1 The Pet Carer may wish to have a spouse, family member of friend accompany them whilst providing the scheduled services. The client will be made aware of this at the time of booking. All companions will be subjected to whatever checks Walkeez considers necessary or appropriate.

16. Changes to return date

16.1 Walkeez will not provide refunds or credits for early returns or last minute changes to pet care. Please refer to section 2. for full details of our cancellation policy.

16.2 In the event that the client is delayed on return, they must inform Walkeez immediately. The Pet Carer will then do their utmost to continue with care until other arrangements can be made, or The Client returns home.

17. Liability

17.1 Walkeez shall not be liable to the client or be deemed to be in breach of the contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of its obligations in relation to the services, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond our reasonable control.

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